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Sharita Sivels, LCPC, LPC-Team-Member-One-Alkaline-Life-Waldorf-MD

Sharita Sivels

LPC , Clinical Director

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Sharita Sivels, LCPC, LPC

Mental Health Therapist in Waldorf, MD

Mrs. Sharita Sivels, LCPC, LPC, is the clinical director of One Alkaline Life, LLC in Waldorf, Maryland. As a therapist, Sharita works with individuals, couples, and families to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and address the side effects of a variety of mental illnesses. She provides services virtually through an online telemedicine platform to make mental health care accessible to everyone, regardless of their location.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland, Sharita stayed on to complete her master’s degree in counseling and psychology.

With more than 10 years of experience working in clinical mental health, Sharita is known for her patient-centered, holistic approach. She provides compassionate care for adults and children dealing with mood disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse problems, and trauma.

Sharita utilizes several advanced therapeutic techniques, including interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and motivational therapy, to address issues that negatively impact a patient’s mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

She also has extensive experience helping people incorporate breathwork, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques into daily life to better manage stress. Sharita values the time she spends helping others live up to their potential, so they can enjoy happier, fuller lives.

Tammy Mackins-Hill

LPC, Clinical Supervisor

Tammy Mackins Hill, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor at One Alkaline Life, LLC, a telehealth practice specializing in mental health headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland. She is also a supervisor, a licensed addiction counselor in the state of South Carolina, and a certified grief counselor specialist.   
Tammy has over 17 years of experience working in mental health and substance abuse settings that include both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. Tammy’s passion is to empower and encourage individuals to overcome personal obstacles by learning about and applying healthy coping skills daily. Tammy believes each client is unique and different and should be exposed to a powerful individual experience in the therapeutic process. She understands that all clients possess strengths and abilities that she, as their therapist, can support. 
To schedule an appointment with Tammy and the team at One Alkaline Life, LLC, call the office or request one online today.

DaJia Johnson


DaJia Johnson, LAC, LMSW, SAP, is a licensed master social worker at One Alkaline Life, LLC, a telehealth practice specializing in mental health headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland. DaJia is two time graduate of Grambling State University, where she earned a master’s degree in public administration, with a concentration in healthcare administration, and a master’s degree in social work. DaJia obtained her undergraduate degree from The University of Louisiana at Monroe, majoring in health studies with a concentration in management and marketing.

DaJia has been working in the social services field for about ten years, and 5 of those years have been in mental and behavioral health. In recent years, she has added the study of substance abuse/addiction counseling to her specialty. DaJia enjoys being able to assist those who are in need of finding a way out of the darkness. She specializes in helping patients between the ages of 15 and 45, with experience working with children and geriatric populations.
DaJia believes that we are all the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls, and with guidance and understanding, we all can reach new heights that once seemed impossible.

LaShondra Brown


LaShondra Brown, MA, LMSW, CDP, CAGCS, FD, is a Licensed Master Social Worker at One Alkaline Life, LLC, a telehealth practice specializing in mental health headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland. She has 10 years of experience providing counseling to a variety of individuals in various settings.

She has an educational background from Northeast Texas Community College, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Webster University, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where she received her Masters in Social Work.

LaShondra has experience working with a variety of issues, including grief and loss, adjusting and navigating life changes, managing depression and anxiety, and changes in relationships. She is currently only accepting adult patients; 18 and over.

She believes meeting patients where they build a rapport that leads to the empowerment and growth of the patient.

Roberta Mcdonald


Roberta McDonald, LMSW, is a licensed master social worker at One Alkaline Life, LLC, a telehealth practice specializing in mental health headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland.Roberta obtained her undergrad degree in social work at the University of North Carolina Wilmington after an honorable discharge from the Navy. She then completed her Masters of Social Work at Texas State University and quickly obtained her professional license in the state of Texas.
Roberta has a wide array of experience working in the mental health field, including working with children within child protective services, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, inpatient unit group therapy, and the veteran population. As a Navy veteran, Roberta believes that she can better understand veterans and their family members’ struggles. Common struggles include substance misuse and isolation, but these are struggles that Roberta believes no one has to face alone.
Roberta utilizes both cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to spur talk of positive change that can lead people to reach for something more for themselves.

Mercy Obour


Mercy Obour has been working in the field of social work for 7 years. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University in Social Work in 2017. She decided to continue her education at Fordham University where she earned her Master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on children and families. Mercy has worked with individuals (adults and children from the age of 4) and families. She has experience with crises, substance abuse, behavioral issues, trauma, abuse-related issues, mood disorders, and psychosis.
Mercy is best known for her client-centered, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, mindfulness, and strengths-based perspectives. She prides herself on getting to know and understand her clients as well as connecting with clients from different cultures and walks of life to help address and achieve goals. She believes “mental health is just as important as physical health” and wants to help all people, but predominantly brown and black communities to receive the healing they deserve.

Tiffany George



Aaliyah Rivers


My name is Aaliyah Rivers. I completed an undergrad degree through Salisbury University and a master’s through the University of Maryland Baltimore. I am a licensed master’s level social worker with experience in foster care and intensive in-home services. I am passionate about assisting others through their mental health journey. I have had the opportunity to work with children and families utilizing cognitive-behavioral, strengths-based, and motivational approaches. I assist clients in setting and working towards positive goals for themselves. I have worked with clients struggling with but not limited to the following: anxiety, depression, disruptive mood dysregulation, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit, and oppositional defiant disorder.

Hazel Branche


Therapy is not a “one-size fits all!” Every person is unique, individual, autonomous and complex. I am a psychotherapist who values the willingness it takes for clients to engage in self-exploration. In my 10 years of practice, I make every effort to honor the therapeutic process by creating a safe, non-judgmental, comfortable and supportive space where clients can begin to feel empowered. I provide a thoughtful and sensitive approach to individuals, couples and groups dealing with issues related to: Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Relationships, Personality Disorder, Trauma, Couples Issue and more. I am dedicated to helping my diverse clients by using CBT, DBT and other evidence based treatments to reach their goals.
Therapy with me is a collaborative process tailored to your individual needs. Together we will develop tools to improve your well being, mood, relationships, and achieve goals.

Look forward to meeting you.



Ambresha obtained her undergraduate degree from Liberty University where she earned a bachelor’s in social work, after receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Army. She went on to pursue her master’s degree in social work, with a clinical area of focus; and is currently licensed in the state of Texas.
Ambresha prides herself on the work she has done with mental and behavioral health while working within geriatrics, alcohol and substance use, domestic violence, adolescence, autism, and geriatrics populations. Ambresha specializes in individual, family, and group settings while taking a person-centered approach using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Mindfulness, and other therapeutic interventions.
Ambresha is passionate about assisting others through their mental health journey to ultimately foster positive, behavioral change and greater life satisfaction.

LaQuitta Johnson


LaQuitta Johnson, LMSW, QMHP-C resides in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan, and Dallas, TX. She is knowledgeable in the concepts of “change” and “resiliency,” as these are concepts, she has had to grasp her entire life through being a military dependent and military spouse. LaQuitta is committed to helping adolescents and young adults navigate life by improving their social skills, self-esteem, and maladaptive behaviors and developing goal-setting skills and healthy coping strategies. Through a collaborative approach, she can meet clients where they are and assist them with achieving their goals.
LaQuitta has been a social worker for a little over ten years. She prides herself on connecting with her clients and maintaining rapport. She is passionate about helping those who have experienced trauma. LaQuitta enjoys utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, as well as Art Therapy through music, poetry & lyrics, and painting.

Khala Scott


James Moon


As a seasoned and compassionate Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), that focuses on psychotherapy and talk therapy, I provide evidence-based therapeutic interventions that empower individuals and couples to achieve mental and emotional well-being. With a diverse background in various evidence-based treatment modalities, I have accumulated extensive experience working with a wide range of populations and mental health challenges. My commitment to guiding individuals and couples toward healthier lives is underpinned by a strong foundation of empathy, understanding, and a genuine passion for facilitating change.

Latrice Nesbit


Latrice Nesbit, LGPC has over 12 years of providing counseling and case management services to adolescents and adults in the community and agency setting as a Rehabilitation Counselor. Latrice also has extensive experience working with individuals with mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, life transitions, self-esteem issues, occupational challenges and stress, substance use disorder, and physical disabilities.
Latrice’s therapeutic approach is based on empathy, warmth, and trust. She will provide a collaborative space for Clients to have empowerment, time, and strength to process and embrace their feelings and experiences. Her role will allow Clients to understand themselves, their past, relationships, and self-awareness. As a therapist, Latrice will help Clients to be authentic and create a life experience through the intricacies of life. In addition, Latrice will strive to help with building practical steps toward their goals and future.

Phyllis Leverett


Phyllis A. Leverett is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and South Carolina and is Nationally Board Certified. Phyllis has 20 years of experience in mental health and substance abuse including inpatient, outpatient, in-home, and forensics. Phyllis’s therapeutic style is warm, interactive, and tailored to each client’s needs. Phyllis is a CBT-trained clinician, but she uses numerous approaches and treatment modalities with her clients including Motivational. Interviewing, DBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness. Phyllis believes in recovery and knows that therapy requires work. Phyllis is a clinician who enjoys helping people to have the best quality of life possible.

Raven Martin

Raven Martin is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor with expertise in the area of Clinical Mental Health on both a macro and micro level. Raven is committed to the wellness and well-being of all individuals, communities, and families, as reflected in all of her endeavors thus far. She has a heart of service and altruism and that has and will continually be the crux of her life’s mission.

At One Alkaline Life LLC, We thrive to make an impact on as many people as possible. With a 92% success rate with our clients reaching their goals, we have implemented some of the Top Telehealth Practices to ensure you have the most secure and effective therapy experiences.