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Specialties and Services

One Alkaline Life team specialize in multiple integrate skills to address each client individually. These integrative approaches are, yet not limited to:

  • Holistic counseling- Merge your mental, physical and spiritual ways life

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Identify and change your way of thinking

  • Motivational interviewing- Cleaning your mental wound to bring out change

  • Interpersonal therapy- Improving your relationships with families and friends

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy- Bringing together your prospective change and acceptance

  • Executive Coaching-reach higher levels within your career performance and goals

We offer…

  • Individual therapy for you to talk about your current mental health journey and your inspired goals.

  • Couple therapy for you and your significant others to work on kinks in your relationship and find ways to get back on track.

  • Family therapy for you and relatives to discuss past issues and help each other move forward with a better promising future.

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Group therapy for you to relate to others that are going through the same rough spot in their life, and focus collectively on pulling each other up.”


Medication Management

Integration into Summer: This is an 8-week closed group for children ages 10-17 years of age who have a hard time with the slow pace of change that summer brings. If you have a child that you would like to cope better with summer, give them independent activities that they can practice in the home, work on a coping skill toolbox, use expressive therapy to vocalize how they feel, and gain academic skills to help them when school begins, this group is for your child.Emotional Intelligence: Did you know that emotional intelligence accounts for about 58% of performance in most jobs, and people who have high emotional intelligence make significantly higher incomes than those with low emotional intelligence. This Emotional intelligence group was created to assist in developing more self-awareness that will in turn create more synergy in the workplace, and in your everyday life. Learn What Emotional Intelligence is; Learn the model of emotions. Develop an understanding of the emotional brain, and how to implement Emotional Intelligence in your daily life through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and improved social skills.Executive Coaching Group: This is a group that has specific training and coaching services helping people become smarter, stronger, and better versions of themselves. One Alkaline Life offers an online collaborative training classroom with handouts, psycho-education, and videos. We collaborate with performance consulting to corporate and executive clients throughout the United States and internationally.

All Summer Groups Start June 5-July 31st (except July 3rd) and are offered on Sundays

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We offer

Telehealth and In-Office Consultations.

We are now accepting Maryland Medicaid and Virginia Medicaid for mental health services

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