Career Challenges In Waldorf, MD

Career Challenges In Waldorf, MD

Facing challenges at work is essential for an interesting and rewarding career, but sometimes they can become too much to manage. One Alkaline Life, LLC’s team of mental health professionals helps you analyze the career challenges causing overwhelm and stress and make changes to restore health and happiness. Call One Alkaline Life, LLC’s office in Waldorf, Maryland, today for more information about successfully dealing with career challenges, or go online to request a telehealth appointment.

Career Challenges Q&A

Career challenges are problems arising from your job or that affect your career progression. Some of these challenges are vital to a rewarding, successful work life. Facing them triggers a response in your brain that motivates you, helps you focus, and keeps your job interesting.

However, if your career challenges are too difficult or you aren’t in the right frame of mind to deal with them, it can severely impact your mental health. Without effective treatment and support, you could suffer career burnout and develop psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Providing you feel well, enjoy your job, and are doing well at work, career challenges are nothing to worry about. However, you should consider seeking help if you develop problems such as:

Chronic stress

Constant stress causes widespread problems, including difficulties sleeping, fatigue, anxiety, and chronic pain. You might have trouble relaxing when away from work and spend excessive time and energy working or thinking about work.

Drop in performance

A drop in performance at work is often a tell-tale sign of excessive challenges. You might make silly mistakes, have problems managing your workload, or encounter negative feedback from colleagues and clients. Your performance review might be poor, and note the negative changes in you.


Excessive stress levels can cause overwhelm, where the weight of all the challenges you face makes you feel panicky and unable to cope.


Facing career challenges and managing excessive stress can make you irritable and quick to anger, causing workplace tension. You could get into trouble with your manager if your behavior is unacceptable. You might also be more irritable and short-tempered with friends and family members.

Unhealthy career challenges can also cause or worsen physical problems, such as high blood pressure and digestive disorders.

If you experience career challenges affecting your mental and physical health, One Alkaline Life, LLC’s mental health team includes counselors who specialize in workplace well-being.

They use various techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy, to help you overcome your challenges.

Find out more about improving your health with career challenge therapy by calling One Alkaline Life, LLC today. You can also request a telehealth appointment by completing the online form.

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