Supporting Your Squad’s Mental Health All Year Round (Not Just May!)

Squad Goals: Supporting Your Crew’s Mental Health Every Day (May or May Not Be May)

Hey team! May might be Mental Health Awareness Month, but let’s face it – our friends and fam who deal with anxiety, stress, or other challenges deserve our support way more than just 31 days a year.

Think about it. Remember that time you unloaded about your work nightmare to your bestie, or high-fived them after a win? Mental health is kinda like that – it’s about being there through thick and thin, no matter how big or small the deal.

The good news? You don’t need a therapist license to be an awesome friend when it comes to mental health. This month is just a kick in the pants to level up your support game!

Here’s how you can become a mental health MVP for your squad:

  • Become Their Yoda: Channel your inner Jedi master and be a patient listener. Let your friend vent, cry, or unleash their inner drama queen. We all need that safe space to let loose.
  • Ditch the “Cheer Up” Button: Trust us, it’s like offering a bandaid for a broken leg. Mental health struggles are real and can be complex. Show empathy; let them know you’re there for them, no matter what.
  • Be a Self-Care Sensei: Notice your friend neglecting their usual coffee-and-laughter routine. Gently nudge them back to the activities they enjoy. Maybe it’s a walk in the park, a bubble bath extravaganza, or a binge-watching marathon of their favorite show.
  • Know When to Level Up: If your friend isolates themselves or talks about self-harm, it’s time to encourage professional help. Let them know you’ll be by their side every step of the way.

Remember, small gestures are mighty warriors. A quick text, offering to help with errands, or sending a hilarious meme can brighten someone’s day. So, while May is a great time to boost support, being a good friend is a lifelong mission. Keep an eye on your crew, lend a listening ear, and be their mental health cheerleader. After all, sometimes all it takes is a little kindness to make a world of difference.

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